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From Windows to Web

Published on : 4/5/2021

Dental4Windows reaching new heights from Windows to Web in 2021 

In today’s world, we are always looking for ways to be more efficient with our time.  Most of the time we can implement software or an app to assist with time management. 

When Dr Frank Papadopoulos started his practice in Hurlstone Park in 1989, practice management software was created by companies that did not understand the needs of Australian dentists.  With that in mind, Frank began designing a practice management software system that would come to be known as Dental4Windows.

From Small Things Big Things Grow

Centaur Software, which was established in 1992, had very humble beginnings.  Dr Frank Papadopoulos and his partners, Michael Sokol and Yuri Tsimbler worked from the back room of the Hurlstone Park surgery.  Dental4Windows started out by being shared with fellow dentists and improvements were made to the software on the feedback that was received. 

Fast forward to 2021, Centaur Software has become Australia’s leading provider of practice management software products and services and is showing no sign of slowing down.  The champion product, Dental4Windows, has expanded greatly in recent years with full integration with eAppointments (online bookings), eForms (electronic forms), National Dental Plan powered by Humm (interest-free finance), and D4W Marketing (marketing portal) – all of which are web-based services. 

As computerisation in dentistry showed its business value, it became almost a standard tool to help run a dental business. However, this comes at a cost of time and money. With the advancements today, web-based software offers many advantages. Says Dr Papadopoulos. 

“With the dental industry facing the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19 over the past year, we have seen an increase in practices making emergency appointments available through eAppointments, pre-screening, and patient history forms being sent to patients prior to coming into the practice with eForms and National Dental Plan being offered to patients who are looking to pay off treatment with an interest-free payment plan.” 

From Windows to Web

The way practices use Dental4Windows is also set to change again in 2021, with the popular practice management software, expanding into a web-based platform. 

Dental4Web will give flexibility to dental practitioners, allowing them to securely access their practice management system from anywhereat any time. 

Starting up Dental4Web will be via an internet browser. Once you log in, then you will see a fresh look and feel that will pleasantly surprise you.” Says Dr Papadopoulos.

You will quickly work out, that the layout, screens, workflows, and behaviors are almost identical to the desktop version of Dental4Windows. There is almost no re-training necessary! 

With Dental4Web being web-based software, the computing power comes from a remote server, which cuts down on local hardware requirements and upgrade downtime becoming a thing of the past. 

“Running upgrades and doing daily back-ups of your Dental4Windows database will be a thing of the past with Dental4Web.  We find there are a shocking number of business do not have a daily data backup practice in place, and if they do, do not regularly verify that these backups can be restored in an emergency. 

But it does not stop there – Dental4Web will also connect to Mediasuite Online, giving practices the ability to capturestore and work with patient x-rays and images. 

“We believe it is important that with the release of Dental4Web, that we make Mediasuite available for use with x-rays and other imaging devices, allowing patient image records to be linked to their patient profile.” 

What about the dentist who loves a mobile app? 

“2021 is bringing a lot of change to the Dental4Windows that our clients know and love.  We are excited to be finalising a native mobile app (Apple iOS and Android) for our clients to use with Dental4Web, allowing dentists to have access to their database in their pocket.  This helps bring us closer to our goal of providing services to further enable the success of our customers.” 

We know one thing for sure – Dental4Windows and Dental4Web are developing and innovating for many years into the future.  

Want to make the change from Windows to Web?

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