Mediasuite Cloud

Now you can gain all the benefits of having Mediasuite Digital Imaging Software online integrated with Dental4Windows Cloud.

How is Mediasuite Cloud different from the classic Mediasuite?

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. That means that we, Centaur Software, deliver Mediasuite Cloud to you over the internet and we provide and manage all the IT backup and storage so you don’t have all those worries. Support and free upgrades are provided as part of the fixed monthly fee. There’s no upfront payment apart from set up and training and no separate Support & Upgrades payments.

  • All Your Imaging In One Place:

    • Mediasuite will capture them all and offers true integration to most practice management systems. The clean, clear and powerful image manipulation toolset assists with more accurate condition/patient diagnoses and far better patient communication.
    • Provides 16 bit image processing and is DICOM compliant.
  • Manage:

    • Digital x-rays
    • Videos
    • Still images
    • OPG images
    • Scans
  • Integrate:

    • Digital x-ray sensors
    • Phosphor plate scanners
    • Intra-oral cameras
    • OPGs
    • Camcorders
    • Webcams
    • Flatbed scanners
    • Memory cards

Mediasuite's powerful toolset

Manage all your digital imaging devices and their images from the one simple imaging application, directly integrated into your practice management system.

Analyse and enhance using Mediasuite’s powerful yet user-friendly imaging toolset.

  • 16 bit dynamic range for x-ray images
  • 24 bit dynamic range for colour images
  • Study Mount templates to display patient image portfolios
  • User defined names and colour labels for Studies (Before & After Treatment, Treatment Plan, Treatment etc.)
  • Restore original image
  • Automatic image recovery in case of power or network failure
  • Multi-language capability
  • Audit reports on image manipulation history and actions such as deletion or exporting and filtered by patient, provider or whole practice
  • Copy/move all images from one patient to another in Dental4Windows
  • Conversion available from any other dental imaging system
  • Support for an unlimited number of network users
  • Integrates with any number of imaging devices in the one powerful dental imaging system
  • Customisable print layout
  • Supports an unlimited number of dental practices and locations

System Functionality

Import / export / manage all standard image formats including DICOM standard. Display one full screen through to nine images per screen with full undo/redo functionality.


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