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Simple marketing solutions

Most dentists struggle with marketing, whether it’s due to a lack of experience, resources, or budget. That’s why the team at Centaur Software have designed D4W Marketing – an online marketing solution that integrates with your existing D4W software.

Rather than outsourcing all of your design and creative work, simply head to D4W Marketing’s library of design templates, all of which offer customisation options. Whether you want to send an email or mail a follow-up letter, D4W Marketing has an easy and cost-effective solution.

Why D4W Marketing?

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    Increase return appointments

    Increase your revenue and educate patients with cost effective, multi-channel marketing that keeps you in constant communication with your patients through a range of platforms.

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    Resources library

    Launch targeted campaigns with email templates, mailing pieces, and formatted letters - all with high-quality images and postage included.

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    Personalised communication

    Explore and customise a huge range of communication tools including tear-off gift vouchers, special offers, tailored CTAs, personalised offers, and more.

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    Save time and money

    D4W Marketing helps you save on administration and design costs with a huge range of professionally-designed templates.

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