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Customised Training and Consulting

Here at Centaur, we recognise the importance of educating our clients and giving you the tools you need to succeed. That’s why we provide a range of training and consulting services, fully customised to meet your requirements and delivered via a blended learning approach including on-site, remote access, self-education videos and webinars.

Our Solutions

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    Health Check

    The D4W Health Check analyses how your staff use the software, providing an efficiency percentage, and developing and implementing a training plan to get the most out of every feature.

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    New Features

    With each upgrade of D4W, eServices or CMS, several new features and improved processes are added. We host webinars to guide you on implementing improved practices.

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    Best Practice

    With Centaur continually developing and improving, we offer regular webinars and personalised refresh sessions to focus on an area of your choosing to ensure staff are following the best processes and utilising the newest features.

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    Problem Areas

    If you frequently have questions about the same module or feature, tailored training sessions will address your particular needs and issues at a pace you’re comfortable with.

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    New Staff

    It is important to give new staff every opportunity to thrive in their role, and that starts with quality training. Our trainers are also able to tailor sessions to your employee’s specific role.

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    Management training is aimed at those who are competent in the day-to-day usage and want to acquire additional skills in setup, troubleshooting, queries and more.

Tailored training to help you master your practice management software

Our training solutions are available to all users of our products and services, in addition to free group webinars. For those you requiring personalised training, simply get in touch with a member of our team. Training and consulting can be executed in a range of methods including:

  • Onsite
  • Remote Access
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Written Instruction