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Improve your patients’ experience and increase treatment acceptance

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Support and educate your patients

We understand that explaining treatment and procedures to your patients can sometimes be frustrating. Confusion with treatment details means patients often refuse treatment, even after you have spent a long time trying to explain its benefits, impacting directly on your clinic’s profitability and productivity, as well as the health of your patients.

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    xPlain Online

    xPlain Online provides over 200 high-quality, professional dental videos for placement on your practice website, to provide a more engaging and interactive experience for your visitors. Plus, the use of video on your website improves your Google ranking.

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    xPlain Waiting Room

    xPlain Waiting Room allows you to make the most of your reception area, entertaining and educating your patients while they wait. Grow your business with more than 250 animated messages covering all aspects of dentistry including good oral practices, information about your team, and new products or services.

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    xPlain Patient Chairside

    This interactive patient education program explains dental conditions and treatment options to patients in an easy-to-understand manner, resulting in greater acceptance and happier patients.

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Helping your patients get the treatment they need

xPlain Dental Patient Education Products are designed to assist you on your practice website, in your practice waiting room, and chairside. Sign up and receive access to:

  • Over 220 high-definition 3D animations
  • Over 100 customisable information leaflets
  • Over 760 clinical digital images

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