xPlain Waiting Room

Enhance Your Patients’ Experience at Your Practice

xPlain Waiting Room enhances the customer experience and can be customised according to the needs of your patients.

xPlain Waiting Room engages, entertains and educates your patients while they wait. With patient-friendly animations, real-life videos, high-quality stills, or your own content, xPlain Waiting Room enhances your patients’ experience, your practice image and reduces the perceived waiting time in your reception area. It is specifically designed to subconsciously promote good oral health practices, treatment and products.

Create and manage unlimited presentations via your own online portal which are displayed directly on your Android Smart TV or via an Android Smart TV box. No PC connection required to the TV and no software installation is needed.

Personalise what is displayed:

• Introduce and showcase your team
• Provide opening hours
• Advertise friends and local trades
• Present your practice mission statement
• Provide your website details
• Promote special offers and services
• Remind patients about events and anniversaries
• Inform on admin procedures
• Advertise products in a dedicated space

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