Care Beyond The Chair

An Experience That Exceeds

To maintain a thriving dental practice, you need to do more than provide superior clinical treatment for your patients. It’s those in-between periods — from the moment they leave your clinic to the time they come back — that matter most. In short, you need the care to not stop at the chair — but go above and beyond it.

For that, there’s PatientCare.

Powered by FollowApp.Care, PatientCare is an automated, end-to-end care management platform that guarantees a follow-up for every patient, after every visit.

PatientCare delivers higher patient retention, increased rebook rates and a higher volume of quality online reviews, all while returning hours of manual work to your team by automating the aftercare you provide.

Patient Care

Give patients the personal touch they deserve
Patients don’t just want to be cared for; they want to be cared about. That’s especially true after a more involved treatment. PatientCare shows just how much your practice invests in their comfort and well-being with tailored aftercare check-ins for every visit.

How PatientCare Works

PatientCare works in four easy steps:


Personalised Aftercare

Your patient will receive follow-ups via SMS or email, tailored to the type of treatment they received.


Managing Patient Needs

Should patients respond with a question or concern, you’ll be alerted via the PatientCare platform. Responding to patients is as simple as a click or call.


Patient Satisfaction

Once your patient’s concerns are taken care of, they’ll receive a quick survey asking them for feedback on their experience. Since PatientCare prioritises the patient’s well-being — asking first how they are doing before how your team performed — patients are three times more likely to offer feedback.

*FollowApp.Care usage data


Online Review

Once feedback is received, patients are prompted to leave an online review. Prioritising the patient experience at your practice organically results in a positive online reputation for your business.

“PatientCare has truly transformed our post-care processes with hardly any changes to the way we did things before, bringing in a great deal of value and positive experience both for our patients and our staff. We are absolutely thrilled to have empowered our patients (though PatientCare) to engage with us to receive post care. PatientCare has helped us fill a void in our otherwise inconsistent, non-standard and cumbersome approach to providing post care. We would highly recommend using PatientCare as a standard component of Dental4Windows irrespective of size or maturity to better customer experience via post care.”

– Vinay Nayak, Practice Manager, Westmead Gentle Dental

“”We have really enjoyed this service, I find it is a great product for our business so we can track how everyone is going and give instant feedback to them if required. Our google reviews have over doubled which is great. Highly recommend and would love to continue. I am also wanting to add this to our other 3 clinics as well.”

– Mel Carter, Business Manager, Tooth Kind QLD

Increase your patient rebook rates with PatientCare

The innovative PatientCare workflow extends the patient journey by giving all your patients another prompt and opportunity to secure their next appointment. The PatientCare integrated booking link takes patients directly to your online appointment book, ensuring patient satisfaction is turned into return revenue for your practice.

Quickly discover the patients most in need

The intuitive interface of the platform enables your practice staff to be alerted to those patients who are most in need of immediate follow-up care, whether due to pain, swelling, questions regarding medications or other factors.

PatientCare delivers a unique solution for Australian dental practices

Specific to the dental industry

The only personalised aftercare solution in the Australian market



Seamlessly integrated with Dental4Windows & Dental4Web


Performance Analytics

With analytics dashboards, you receive a high level overview of your patients’ engagement rates as well as what they think of your practice and the clinicians who work there. Dashboards also provide intelligent sentiment analyses that is based on the feedback patients leave through Natural Language Processing.

For higher satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, more patients returning to your practice and increased referrals, PatientCare is your all-in-one solution. Find out more about how PatientCare can add value for your practice.