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Customised Training Solutions

All Centaur Training can be customised to meet your own requirements and can be delivered on site throughout Australia. Our approach enables practitioners, administrators, managers and receptionists to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to improve practice workflow and increase productivity.

You can be confident that knowledgeable, experienced trainers are instructing you and your staff with methods proven to work. Centaur trainers are certified instructors with years of industry and Dental4Windows experience. Our intimate classes ensure a hands-on approach and the personal interaction you and your team needs to become confident and proficient using the product.

When you are purchasing a new computer system, you should consider training as one of the most important aspects of any practice management software package.

Q: Why is practice management training important?

  • Increases employees’ confidence with the product and within the business
  • Improved patient satisfaction with more efficient services
  • The system is used to its full potential, in the most efficient way
  • Valuable time is saved when correct procedures are followed

Q: What are some skills employees will gain through Dental4Windows training?

Employees will learn all aspects of the program relative to their jobs as well as gaining an understanding of the different roles within the surgery and how they link together. All purchased modules will be taught, although you may select which employees learn certain areas – i.e. Security, Setup/Customisation…

  • Scheduling, Cancelling and Confirming Appointments
  • Entering Patient Demographics and Medical History
  • Charting the Current Condition and Treatment Planned
  • How to breakdown a Treatment Plan
  • Entering Treatment Items and Clinical Notes
  • Processing Invoices, Claims and Receipts
  • Creating and using Letter Templates
  • Scanning documentation
  • Reconciliation and Banking
  • Basic Reporting
  • Monitoring Debtors
  • Generating Recalls
  • Useful shortcuts to save time

Q: How many training sessions are required for Dental4Windows?

The number of hours and sessions recommended to learn Dental4Window varies as the product is customisable. When additional modules are purchased, it is advised that additional time is purchased to ensure you and your staff are comfortable in its use. Your local Sales Representative will be able to detail the amount of hours we recommend for your package.

Q: What is the best training for me?

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If you would like to book in a Dental4Windows training session, please call or email the Training Department.

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