Equipment Repair Service

Professional maintenance and repair to minimize your downtime.

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Centaur service technicians can assist in diagnosing an issue with your device over the phone. Where the issue cannot be resolved at that time, the unit can be returned to our workshop facility for further inspection.

Where the device is covered by warranty the unit will be serviced at no charge. During the servicing period a loaner unit will be provided at no charge.

Where the device is out of warranty a service fee will be charged. The service may include the cost of labour and parts to resolve the issue. During the servicing period a loaner can be provided. This loaner units is charged at a bi-weekly rate. Before any repair work is commenced an estimate for the repair of the unit will be provided to the customer. This will include a list of parts and labour required to repair the unit.

Where a loaner unit is to be provided for an out of warranty repair, you will be required to provide direct debit details in advance to secure a loaner unit.

When your device is returned a return pickup will be issued for the loaner unit. You must return this unit within 5 business days, or a rental fee will be applied to your account.

Repair Fees

On receipt of your equipment, an inspection will be performed by a Centaur technician. Once inspection is complete, a quotation provided for an estimate of work.

Rental Fees

Where a loaner unit is provided for an out of warranty service, fees are applicable for the duration of the rental period. Loaner units will be invoiced every 2 weeks, until the unit is returned to Centaur undamaged.

Please note: Before a loaner is dispatched, direct debit details are required.

Equipment Repair Process

1 – Contact Centaur Software support.
2 – Imaging Technician will assess the issue.
3 – If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, the unit must be returned to Centaurs offices for further inspection.
4 – On completion of an inspection a quotation will be issued for any out of warranty work.
5 – Prior to commencement of any out of warranty servicing, the customer must sign and return the quotation.

Non-Serviceable Units

Centaur Software will only service equipment supplied by Centaur. No third party equipment will be service. Please contact the original supplier for assistance.

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