eAppointments: Online Patient Booking System

An integrated online bookings portal

Open Your Practice 24/7

eAppointment Practice Features Include:

  • Integration with preset slots and free time

    If you want to offer varied types of offline and online bookings, while making sure to leave some parts of the schedule free, eAppointment makes it possible. You can set up a present appointment slot system to ensure some time can be booked in predetermined increments, while other sections of each dentist's day will always be left free. Direct integration with other software means you'll see in real-time as these appointments fill up.

  • Varied appointment types

    One-size-fits-all appointment slots don't have to be the only way to book appointments when you're working with eAppointments. By offering a variety of appointment lengths and fitting them into your dentists' schedules, you can offer patients a simple and effective way to come in for a variety of procedures. This means it's simple to fill up the calendar with visits in a way that will be convenient for patients, reception staff and dental personnel alike.

  • Online practice feature management

    You don't have to stick with the default settings when your practice employs eAppointments, eForms and other parts of the Dental4Windows eServices suite. The eService portal enables you to log in and make adjustments to ensure the scheduling and appointment booking experience you are providing to your patients fits in with the way your practice operates — the system adjusts to your practices, not vice versa. This flexibility will also apply to future eServices modules.

  • Reason and provider options

    One of the optional settings available for the online patient booking system involves the question of how much information to seek from patients when they book appointments online. It's possible to make it mandatory that a patient specify the reason for their visit or pick a provider at the initial point of booking, or neither or both. Depending on how much information you need to make an effective schedule, you can pick the setting that fits the way your practice plans to employ its online appointment system.

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