Dental4Windows i6 Update – What’s new & how to update

Dental4Windows has a version major upgrade approximately every 2 years to coincide with Sybase (SAP) upgrades, now we’re excited to release Dental4Windows i6.

Sybase (SAP) is Dental4Windows i5 database engine, currently, it’s on Sybase ASA16.  Sybase has ended the life of Sybase 16 and we must upgrade to Sybase 17 to stay current with latest features, performance and security features.

These are just some of the new features that are available with Dental4Windows i6 – Build 4841:

  • Tyro eSystem – Rebate Estimate
  • D4W Marketing – Add additional templates – Reactivation email
  • D4W Marketing – separate email and printing channels
  • Active Ingredient Prescribing (AIP) – new medicare legislation
  • Enhanced Financial Recording – TimeZones for multiple location databases
  • eClaims for Abu Dhabi
  • Invoice Manual Allocation for UAE to Support eClaims

Sybase (SAP) Upgrade

SQL Anywhere 17.0 introduces many new features and changes across the software in the areas of programming interfaces, security, performance, SQL support, catalogue changes, and administration tools:

  • In-Memory Database: run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions and get accurate, up-to-date responses in a fraction of a second
  • Support for digital client certificates (also called passports) and NCSLib logging
  • Internationalization features, including database time zones, and TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE data type
  • Database isolation
  • User locks
  • Indirect identifiers and table reference values
  • Enhanced auditing
  • Online rebuild
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • In-memory database validation
  • External embedded JavaScript stored procedures
  • Broad support for programming language JavaScript
  • Broad support for programming tools, including Node.js runtime environment
  • Offline OData
  • Supported Platforms for Deployment Android & Windows Phone

Why it is so important that Dental4Windows upgrades to SAP/SYBASE ASA17?

The End Of Life (meaning no more upgrades) for SQL Anywhere v16 was December 31, 2018.

Now SAP remains committed to supporting the in-market versions of SQL Anywhere (currently v17) through the delivery of updates.

How to upgrade?

There is two upgrade tracks, which differ if you’re on a support & upgrades contract.

Active Support & Upgrades Contract

Dental4Windows users on a Support & Upgrades contract can update now – click here

Non Support & Upgrades

Don’t have a Support contract?

Click here and a member of our friendly team will get in touch with you.

Important Support Notifications

Important Support Notifications

Our phone queue options are changing!

In the coming weeks, our phone queue options for Support will be changing. We will be offering more descriptive options for you to choose from. Our aim is that this new process will allow our service desk to assist you more efficiently into the future.

The phone queue options will be:

  • For Appointment Book or Patients Records, please press 1.
  • For Location Management, Insurance, Debtors & Marketing or Location Setup, please press 2.
  • For technical issues such as installation, upgrading or unable to open your application, please press 3.
  • For D4W Marketing, NDP, x-Plain, CMS or any other enquiry please, press 4.


eSupport is now live and available for those on Support & Upgrades. Get help instantly at a time convenient to you by searching a range of helpful articles and videos all in one place.

Access a range of other helpful links through the eSupport portal including:

• Articles
• Training Videos
• Upcoming webinars
• New features documentation and upgrade information
• Setup information
• Getting started information
• Technical guides
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• FAQ’s

Click here to access eSupport now

If you need your access details, please email

The Importance of Upgrading Computers and our Programs

Maintaining an up to date computer system at your practice is important as these computers are critical to your business. We recommend reviewing each computer at your practice and ensuring that it meets the standard we require in order for our products to continue to provide great performance. We have created guides to inform you on what hardware/software specifications are required – find them here.

We also recommend upgrading our programs (e.g. Dental4Windows) to the latest version as this will entitle your practice to receive the very latest fixes and features. We aim to release four versions each year, therefore there is a good chance you may have an update waiting to be completed. If unsure on how to complete the upgrade process, please refer to these guides on eSupport or contact our Service Desk on 1300 855 966 to speak with Support Analyst.

The Importance of Backing Up

Maintaining a reliable system of backing up surgeries critical data files is an often overlooked aspect of many day-to-day operations.

While nowadays computers systems are very reliable hardware can still fail, viruses continue to be developed, power surges can happen, a natural disaster can occur, and theft can happen to anyone.

If any of the above happens to a customer without a backup they face the very real possibility of losing all their patient data, including financials, treatment history, x-rays, etc.

It is Centaur Software’s recommendation that our customers review their method for backing up the practices critical data files with their IT Technician along with reading our Data Backup Documents.

It is also very important that a practices backup is checked on a regular basis. This includes reading the Backup Logs (this depends on the method used) as well as checking the files on the backup devices. If a backup was performed today but the files on the backup device are dated last week then something is wrong, and you should contact your IT Technician.