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Why we developed a cloud version of D4W

Published on : 2/3/2016

We listened

For Centaur Software making a cloud version of Dental4Windows available to our existing and potential new customers was all about listening and then responding to their needs. And looking at the growing software trends. Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. That means that we, Centaur Software, deliver D4W Cloud to you over the internet.

There are now a growing range of products delivered online and cloud software available. Already some of our eServices (eAppointments and eForms) are available online.

Benefits of Cloud

Fixed monthly fee

One of the great benefits of cloud products are they run on a SaaS (software as a service) model. What is that? That means that rather than an initial large cost (capital cost) to own the product, you pay a fixed monthly fee (operating cost) to obtain the right to use the solution. With D4W Cloud the only upfront cost will be set up and training. That suits many practices.

Integrated Imaging

D4W Cloud comes packaged with Mediasuite so your imaging software requirements are taken care of at  no extra cost. Also, there are extra modules, such as Sterilisation, Stock Control, eAppointments and xPlain Patient Education available for an extra monthly fee.

Flexibility and freedom

The flexibility and freedom of cloud is another reason. Now with D4W Cloud you have the freedom to log in with your own password wherever at home, work or at a conference at any time of the day or night. When it suits you.

Free updates and new features

All new upgrades including new standard features are provided free of charge and automatically. That includes new compliance standards added to D4W Cloud which mean you are always up to date. Regular updates and new features will be added automatically, the latest including appointment and recall automation. There’s no downtime and no disruption to the business.

No more manual back-ups

With our new D4W Cloud you now don’t have to worry about cumbersome manual back-ups as they’re automatically applied in the cloud. We do all the heavy lifting for you so your load is light.

Low costs and low worry IT issues

No more complicated IT networking required. As long as you have a good internet provider, with Cloud, it’s taken care of over the internet and should be a fraction of the cost.

Providing you with options

Now you have the option to gain the benefits of Dental4Windows for a fixed monthly fee. Also if Cloud isn’t an option for you, you still can with D4W subscription pay a fixed monthly fee and have Dental4Windows set up in your practice. If you want to pay upfront we are still offering “Classic” Dental4Windows. It’s all about making Australia’s favourite dental practice management solution accessible to as many practices as possible. We don’t want anyone missing out.

New Cloud releases 

We will also be releasing Mediasuite as a stand alone cloud version and Practice Studio Cloud is also soon to be released. eAppointments is delivered online and soon to be released is eForms our electronic patient forms, integrated with D4W, which is available online.

Visit Centaur Software at ADX16 Sydney on Stand 222  to demo our new D4W Cloud

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