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Dental4Web: Robust with Trusted High Performance

Published on : 1/5/2024

Developing Dental4Web has been challenging as we strive to evolve our powerful Dental4Windows desktop system into a web-based solution that maintains the depth of functionality, reliability and help you’ve come to expect and trust.

Our goal has always been to create a comprehensive system that meets your extensive needs and our dedicated customers. However, delivering this while managing the variable internet speeds across the country proved to be a challenge.

Since we started rolling out in 2021, we acknowledge that some early customers of Dental4Web faced issues, and our team has been working tirelessly to resolve them. Under the direction of Dr Frank Papadopoulos (dentist and 2024 ADIA Industry Pioneer Award Winner), we’ve invested in a highly skilled team of developers and technicians dedicated to ensuring Dental4Web delivers the current and future needs of dental practices.

Our development team has been regularly updating Dental4Web every 6-8 weeks , introducing improvements and new functionality – just like the updates you receive on your smartphone. We deeply value your patience and understanding as we continue to enhance the software based on your invaluable feedback.

Thanks to the valuable insights, trust and feedback from you all, we are proud of the significant progress we’ve made with Dental4Web.

We are excited to bring Dental4Web to the broader market with confidence, knowing that we have a robust and feature-rich system that will support the success of your dental practice.

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