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Dental4Windows launches a new integrated offering, D4W Marketing, opening up a new world of patient communication for dental practices.

Published on : 11/12/2018

Dental4Windows launches a new integrated offering, D4W Marketing, opening up a new world of patient communication for dental practices. 

It was apparent, talking to dentists, at the recent D4W Roadshow across Australia that most dentists struggle with marketing. Understanding this challenge, we have developed with our D4W Connected Partners, DMM, a simple online solution integrated with D4W to provide high quality patient communication. Marketing is understandably, not a dental practices’ core competency and to supply quality branded communications to your patients you’ve had to use expensive designers. These designers are difficult to find and expensive and the briefing process is challenging. Many times, you find the projects go over budget. Also obtaining variety over time and maintaining quality is difficult.

Now dental practices can control their marketing with their own D4W Integrated online centre for patient communications.

Your patients can now receive high quality, effective communication from you delivered simply and easily through Dental4Windows. Available 24/7 On time. Online. On budget. You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your brand so you want to maintain that in your communication with your patients. Now you can obtain high quality personalised marketing in your own tailored online portal. You control it directly. D4W Marketing delivers, almost unlimited campaigns whether eDM’s or mailings with hard to beat postage rates. All part of one package, integrated with your D4W database. Simple.

Your patients have changed and so have their expectations.

The way that your customers want to receive information has changed. People want to receive personalised, targeted communications and in a variety of ways including emails and post. The D4W Marketing solution is designed to give you all these tools instantly and securely.

Why send your patients a basic marketing or recall letter hand folded and inserted, when for a lower cost, you can order a professional full colour marketing or clinical letter with a tear off offer.

Plus, you can follow up your letter with a personalised email and SMS – all through a secure, easy to use online solution. Why pay for expensive design which is not delivered on time or on budget, when you can now control your patient communication directly.

With D4W Marketing you will

  • Increase return appointments
  • Increase your revenue and educate patients with cost effective, multi-channel marketing
  • Keep in constant communication with your patients
  • Save on administration and design costs
  • Provide a multi-channel communication experience for your patients


Did you know…..

Personalised Direct Mail has a 40%+ success rate impacting positively on purchase of existing customers, new customers and switching customers.

Putting you in control of your marketing communications

D4W Marketing is your home for marketing communications. We help you compete in a competitive landscape by providing your practice with secure, online access to a wide range of marketing products. All of which have been designed to drive higher response rates and in turn more revenue for member practices. We know, through dealing with hundreds of organisations across Australia, that sending effective recall and marketing communications to patients works. DMM and Centaur, owners of Dental4Windows, are now making this process even easier, through adding the benefit of being able to provide a growing range of products.

Selecting and designing your patient communication is as easy as online shopping

Secure and smart. Enjoy fast and easy turnaround with a great range of in-built marketing tools. Create personalised campaigns including email templates, mailing pieces, and formatted letters — all with high quality images and postage included as part of the package.

Increase your appointments with these features:

  • Tear off gift vouchers
  • Special offers
  • Relevant call to action
  • Personalised offers throughout the letter
  • Products and services targeted to individual patients

Open your practice to a new world of patient communication with D4W Marketing.

D4W Connected Partnership Network providing new solutions to dental practices to assist their success.

Dental4Windows is aware of the importance of staying ahead and is constantly updating and adding new features to keep Australian dental practices up to date with the evolving dental landscape.  A range of new features have been implemented including D4W Marketing, DVA online claiming, NDP, new integrated payment and claiming solutions and Practice Analytics There is automation for recalls, reminders and debtors to increase practice efficiency and your profitability. The continuing range of new features, cloud option, eServices, Partner integrated solutions and award-winning support and maintenance, all combine to make Dental4Windows the No. 1 choice of Australia’s leading dentists.

Click here to view the D4W Marketing Product Page.

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