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5 Key Time-Saving Features in Dental Practice Software

Published on : 5/11/2018

Digital technology is a prime driver for business success, not least because of the substantial time savings it offers in work practices. State-of-the-art digital dental practice management software in Australia is one among many digital developments, and comes with several time-saving features that can substantially improve practice efficiency, customer service, productivity and profitability.

Time-saving management software features range from appointment management and communication facilities, to streamlined management of treatment plans. Here are five time-saving features to look for in dental practice management software.

1. Online treatment plans. Save time by accessing a patient’s previous and current treatment plans virtually anytime and anywhere, all kept up-to-date and in the cloud. Detailed notes can be entered and retrieved immediately, including treatment details, dates, and fees charged. This is available with D4W Cloud.

2. 3D clinical skull charting. Similar to dental digital x ray systems, this records the condition of a patient’s teeth, mouth, tongue, and cheeks, and the chart can be extensively notated with ease. Patients can clearly see treatment plans, and with the ability to send notated images to specialists, you save a lot of time and become more efficient.

3. Online Appointments. An online booking portal, such as eAppointments, allows clients to make appointments online and saves time for front desk personnel. People today like to use their mobile phones, and this application allows them to do so during or even after business hours. Reception staff can review appointments made and communicate with clients via an in-built email function, or confirm appointments via phone with the contact details provided.

4. Administrative functions. An effective dental practice management system should incorporate administrative functions that offer additional productivity improvements and time savings. Such functions include:

  • Debtor management and insurance processing
  • Document processing including word processing, image handling, templates, and facilities for customer documents
  • Report processing with date range, individual client or service provider

5. Training Materials. Finally, the other key feature to look for in dental practice management software is training. Advanced technology cannot be implemented without staff training, which demands time away from day-to-day routines in order to be effective. Software will only yield the optimum time savings once it has been mastered and new work routines have been implemented. The software provider must ensure the dental practice benefits from productivity improvements and time savings as quickly as possible with appropriate training and easy access to training materials.

Software solutions can offer many benefits to the modern dental practice, and is well worth investigating for saving time and streamlining daily operations, improving customer service and driving the practice forward.

If you’re looking for a reliable time-saving dental practice management software for your practice, look to Centaur. Dental4Windows practice management software is the leading software used by dental practices in Australia, and comes with all the features you need not only to save time, but money, effort and other resources as well. To know more, get in touch with Centaur today.


Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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