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Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit) IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Published on : 29/7/2015

Centaur Software is currently testing and certifying our products to ensure we can provide full support when running on Windows 10. While we are confident that Dental4WindowssqlPractice StudiosqlMediasuite and xPlain/TV will run on Windows 10, until it has passed testing and certification, we cannot guarantee that any issues will be able to be resolved. As such, we are not covering Windows 10 under any Support and/or Maintenance contracts.

We recommend with all new Operating Systems that our customers wait for between 6-12 months after the official release, as per industry standards, before moving to a new Operating System. This allows for any unforeseen issues to be identified and fixed by Microsoft. Where possible, we recommend that you wait for the first Service Pack (SP1) to be released.

We also recommend that you check with all your other software and hardware vendors (x-ray, imaging hardware/software, HICAPS, accounting software, printers etc.) to confirm if they support Windows 10 and if new software updates/drivers are required.

In all cases, where you are looking at upgrading/expanding your computer system (from a new CD/DVD Drive to a new Network of Computers to upgrading your Operating System), we recommend you always consult your IT technician.

If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to call Centaur Support on 1300 855 312 (AU) / +61 2 9213 5000 or email

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