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Dental4Web Coming in 2021

Published on : 1/5/2019

Dental4windows is about to make one of its most important technological leaps. It’s not changing from D4W, but W is about to stand for Web (not Windows).

Centaur is launching D4Web, a browser web based, initially express version of Dental4windows, this year – 2021. In D4Web 1st Release, it will have the core features and over time, all D4W will be in the new D4Web, plus more!

D4Web has been in development at Centaur for a number of years, but we haven’t wanted to get you too excited too early. But now we think you’re ready and more importantly we’re confident it’s nearly ready.

Register your interest today and stay updated about Dental4Web (Click Here).

Why develop D4Web?

The rate of change and keeping up with it is a constant challenge for all. Technology is providing all sectors, including dentistry, with challenges and opportunities. At Centaur (with Dental4Windows) we strive, through listening to you, to assist you to navigate through these fast-moving times and provide solutions that assist you to be more efficient and enable you to provide to your patients an enhanced customer experience.

We’ve listened and understand the need to provide you with a browser web-based version of D4W that has all the benefits of browser technology but is built on the popular and widely recognised workflows of our existing Dental4Windows.

Classic D4W

The majority of our customers utilise on premise based D4W and we will continue to support this, developing new enhancements and solutions for our classic Dental4Windows.

At Centaur we are committed to developing new solutions, partnerships and options to deliver Dental4Windows so it enhances your practice for today and the future. Our commitment, award winning support and maintenance, all combine to make Dental4Windows the No. 1 choice of Australia’s leading dentists.

Why choose a web-based solution?

With an internet browser web-based solution, you have the freedom to log in at home, work or at a conference, at any time of the day or night when it suits you.

That means you can access what’s important without necessarily being in the practice. That gives you freedom and allows you to be in control of your business even when not in the practice. And if you’re running more than one practice, that’s indispensable. It even runs on a Mac!

Also, if you have more than one practice then you may want to have a single database for all your practices to centralise business operations.

With browser, you don’t have to worry about cumbersome manual backups because they’re automatically applied.

No more complicated IT networking is required. As long as you have a good internet provider, it’s taken care of over the internet and should be a fraction of the cost.

All new upgrades, including new standard features, are provided free of charge and automatically, which means you are always up to date. Regular updates and new features will be added automatically. There’s no downtime and no disruption to the business.

One of the great benefits to many businesses is that they run on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. What is that? That means that rather than an initial large cost (capital cost) to own the product you pay a fixed monthly fee (operating cost) to obtain the license to use the solution.

So how will 2020 Version 1 of D4Web look?

The first release of D4Web will not have all the capabilities of the present on – premise D4W but we do plan to expand its feature range over time to be comparable to the present on premise D4W.

Top 12 things you should know about Version 1 D4Web

  1. It is designed and Built on the latest browser technology
  2. That means it’s pure HTML browser
  3. It will be able to work on Windows, Apple and Android devices
  4. Version 1 is not mobile friendly but later we may release a connected app
  5. It will be hosted securely by AMAZON WEB SERVICES
  6. It has an advanced SQL database from SAP/Sybase
  7. Next generation enhancements are built on the popular and well-defined workflows of Dental4Windows
  8. That means with the familiar user interface, zero to minimal staff retraining will be necessary – so you can get started right away!
  9. It is a high reliability system
  10. It is suitable for one or multiple locations
  11. Enhanced look and feel
  12. Some nice new features

We understand there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution

That’s why we even now we have a range of methods as to how Dental4Windows can be delivered in
your practice(s). You can buy Classic on -premise Dental4Windows outright, but you have the option to gain the benefits of Dental4Windows for a fixed monthly fee. Also, if Cloud isn’t an option for you, you still can, with D4W Subscription, pay a fixed monthly fee and have Dental4Windows set up in your practice. It’s all about making Australia’s favourite dental practice management solution accessible to as many practices as possible, and the new browser based D4Web will enhance that.

This is just the beginning of a very exciting new chapter in the Centaur and the D4W story, and you are a significant part of our story so we’d like to keep you informed.

If you would like to be kept informed on the development and release date of D4Web sign up here for our regular updates which we’ll email to you. Sign up now and we’ll email you a detailed list of what is in and not in the first release of D4Web.

Click here to register you interest and stay updated about Dental4Web 

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