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Almost Limitless Mobility

Published on : 3/2/2013

We are certainly entering the age of almost limitless mobility for those who hadn’t already realised….

I returned this week after about ten days annual leave during which time I tried out first hand, our new “End of Financial Years” give-a-way toy for the boys (& the girls I’m told). Now when I say “give-a-way”, I am using this term reluctantly as this term often makes us or me at least think of a set of stake knives, a promotional cap or what ever else we see being offered in cheap promotions. Well, this is not a cheap promotion and let me tell you, this is not your average give-a-way either. Centaur Software has been offering a free Acer Aspire One netbook computer with every dental4windows system sold. OK, I may be a little self indulgent here talking about a d4w promotion but the reason is legitimate. This netbook is an amazing piece of technology in a number of respects. When it was suggested to me that this would be a good product to offer as part of our End of Financial Year offer, I insisted we trial one for a couple of weeks ourselves and have the support and hardware guys put it through the hoops and just make sure the machine is good enough for our users to enjoy but more so, so they can log into dental4windows remotely to keep an eye on their practice if required. Well, this netbook weighs 1.18kg, runs 1Gb of Ram, a 16GB hard drive and all the other stuff I needed……

I could surf the net, watch a movie, pick up all my emails and communicate all day long if I wanted. Well not quite all day but 3 hours without charging and did so a number of times and it also offers Wi-Fi connectivity and Web Cam. This machine is a great little piece of technology and I thoroughly enjoyed having that degree of mobility with me whilst away for only the weight of an extra book for goodness sake.

For those who do actually play golf, I’m sure this little beauty could successfully keep you in touch with what ever part of your world you wanted even out there on a golf course.

For those who know me, don’t worry as I haven’t suddenly become a techno geek. I have just really enjoyed the flexibility this technology offers us by providing us with virtually instant connectivity with our electronic mediums, which will theoretically provide us with that much more freedom.

So, even if you’re not going to get one of these netbooks free by buying a dental4windows system, get out there and try one, they really are a good little gadget for those who need to remain in touch.

Dr Frank Papadopoulos

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