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6 Ways Dental4Windows Can Streamline Your Dental Practice

Published on : 25/12/2019

All dental software today are designed to make dental practice operations easier and more manageable, but not all dental software can perform in the capacity that meets or exceeds your expectations, or have a significant impact on your bottom line.

But one dental software can, and that’s Dental4Windows. Having been established more than 20 years ago, it continues to undergo improvements that cater to the needs of modern practices. In many ways it stays one step ahead of many other dental practice management software, by bringing practices an abundance of innovative yet highly practical features and functionalities.

The Dental4Windows Difference

Dental4Windows is Australia’s most popular and widely-used dental practice management system, and it’s not just because of how long it’s been around. Dental4Windows offers numerous state-of-the-art capabilities and features that can streamline practice operations and directly improve your bottom line. Combined with the development team’s continuing commitment to provide the best customer service, and it’s really a practice management solution that’s a cut above the rest.

How Does Dental4Windows Make a Difference?

Any other dental software program can boast of numerous features, but there are several features unique to Dental4Windows that make it the superior choice:

  1. Cloud Capability – With D4W Cloud, you can access your entire dental software solution over the internet, whenever and wherever you are. With this central database, managing multiple practices becomes so much simpler. It comes with no upfront payment except for set up and training, and no separate support and maintenance payments; just all of the features, automated data backup and free updates you need.
  2. Automated Treatment Plans – Dental4Windows can generate automated treatment plans direct from Charting, and schedule and auto-update treatment plan appointments. This can save you and your staff a lot of time and effort.
  3. Online Bookings – eAppointments is Dental4Windows fully integrated online booking system that allows patients to book an appointment with you online anytime, anywhere. Unlike most other online booking systems, eAppointments comes equipped with many features designed to conform to your practice work flows. These include the ability to offer varied appointment durations for different types of appointments; a timer for patient bookings; an option to select appointment reason and provider when booking, among many others.
  4. 3D Skull Charting – Dental4Windows’ comprehensive 3D skull charting feature lets you notate on all parts of the mouth in a more detailed and lifelike visual manner. This makes communication with specialists and patients so much easier and also makes it easier for patients to understand and commit to treatment plans.
  5. DVA Online Claiming – Dental4Windows is the only dental software in the market today that offers integrated Department of Veterans Affairs online claiming. With this feature a DVA claim may be made securely online, thus saving you on clinic paperwork, time and management.
  6. Front Desk to Chair Messaging – eChat is an email-based communication tool that lets the front desk “talk” discreetly with the chair/s to ensure smooth patient transition from front desk to chair and back. eChat also allows anyone within the practice to communicate online even from a different practice location, so long as the same Dental4Windows software is being used.

These are just some of the features you can expect from Dental4Windows that can help improve and streamline your practice processes. And with the Centaur Software development team continuously improving the system, there’s sure to be more improvements in the future.

Experience the difference that Dental4Windows can make with your own practice. Get in touch with Centaur Software today to learn more and get started.

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