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Infection Control

Published on : 21/1/2013

Let’s put our technology to work for us / Stop being lazy and improve your efficiency. 

It’s no secret that with the various existing and emerging infectious diseases our society now faces, Infection Control is one of the most topical and important subjects a dental practice must concern itself with these days. Thankfully we have very high standards in Autoclave systems and equally I believe in Practice Management systems. Although I am of course closely associated with Dental4Windows, neither I nor my company have any specific loyalties within the Autoclave world.

There are many different Autoclave systems available with most being of an excellent standard offering the necessary reporting required to track all sterilization taking place within the practice. With this in mind and the fact that with a Practice Management system such as Dental4Windows, a practice can accurately track all sterilization occurring within the practice, I am amazed to consistently speak with dentists and practice managers who are not using their Practice Management system to manage this process.

Using the practice management system to track this process will increases the practice efficiency and doctor accountability and therefore intern, improve bottom line for the practice owners.

The contents of packs is tracked and can be changed at any time easily from a drop down list of instruments, cycles can be tracked or searched for, Pack history is also tracked and recorded and patient records also include the instrument packs used for specific consultations. Come on practice managers, doctors and practice owners, we have a duty of care to both our patients and also to ourselves to take advantage of this technology and put it to full use.

If anyone would care to follow up with me on this, I can be contacted at my surgery or by email.

Dr Frank Papadopoulos

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