Dental4Windows Build 4965 New Features Webinar

We hope that you enjoy the Dental4Windows /Practice Studio New Features:  Build 4965 webinar with Ana Ogier.

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10 Reasons to Upgrade to Dental4Windows i6 Build 4897 NOW!

Dental4windows Update:  What’s New & How to Upgrade – January 2021

Dental4Windows Build 4897 New Features

Protect your investment in Dental4Windows i6 and upgrade to Build 4897 to gain access to the following new features:

  • DVA 2020 Fee Schedule has been uploaded to Dental4Windows
  • Set default patient categories for new patients
  • Consolidated Patient Report to include Treatment Notes
  • Treatment Plan to include the word “Quote” to adhere to the Australian Tax Office guidelines
  • Link fee level to Insurance Funds
  • Ability to print a list of all invoices within Group Invoices tab
  • National Dental Plan:  Adjust Deposit %, Establishment Fee and Monthly Fee in General Settings
  • National Dental Plan:  Increase to Deposit Field
  • Queries automation now available for all countries
  • Practice Analytics available for UAE users

How to upgrade?

There are two upgrade tracks, which differ if you’re on a Support & Upgrades contract.

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