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Your Patient Has Changed, Have You?

Published on : 4/6/2015

Why your dental practice needs to keep up with the digital age

 Information accessed instantly at a touch of a button. Queries answered through multimedia presentations. Constant communication no matter the distance. These are all products of the digital age we now live in that have made various tasks easier and more convenient for people.

These are also the reasons why people’s expectations of services delivered to them by dental practices have drastically changed. Nowadays, patients expect so much more. They expect advanced digital processes; electronic communications; more efficient and accommodating services; and practices that can adjust to their needs.

In order to keep up and stay relevant with today’s more discerning and demanding clientele, dental practices must adopt the latest industry innovations, such as advanced dental software and dental imaging systems.

How Software Solutions Make a Difference

Established systems may work to keep practices afloat, but advanced software and technology is what keeps them competitive. Below are just some of the ways that these solutions can help practices evolve with their patients, and ensure better chances of long-term success:

  • Make practices more productive and efficient – Dental practice management software, such as Dental4Windows offers so many functional features that help dentists become more productive and efficient. One example is that it allows them access to all of a patient’s pertinent information with just a click of a mouse. Information such as complete medical history, treatment plans, all specific appointment details and more can be sorted, stored and accessed with just a few clicks. And this is just one among the many ways that it can increase efficiency.
    • Increase treatment acceptance – It’s difficult for people to accept what they can’t understand, and technical explanations of treatment plans can often be hard to understand for patients. With dental images and videos stored in one place, as well as advanced 3D charting capabilities, patients can better see and understand their case and treatment plans, and consequently approve them. Products such as “XPlain” also add to patients education including both video in waiting room and chair side.
    • Enhance patient convenience and communication – With the Optional module eAppointments, patients can conveniently book their own appointments online and are reminded of these appointments through sms messaging. This not only lessens the practitioner’s workload and missed appointments, it also fosters patient-practice communication. This can be further enhanced through sending regular newsletters that can be sent electronically.
    • Offer a paperless solution – In an era where various information can easily be accessed digitally, data that remains on paper can make your practice look inefficient, backward and on top of that, insensitive to current environmental issues. By adopting management software solutions that have Electronic Patient Registration Forms and file storage in the Cloud, you present a more organised and environmentally friendly front to your clients.

    Running a dental practice is definitely not the way it used to be. In order to keep up with the times, it’s crucial to integrate dental management software solutions into your practice. To get started, get in touch with Centaur Software today.

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