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6 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Making a Comeback

Published on : 16/9/2020

Why is direct mail making a comeback? Patients are becoming more selective with what they read and choose to respond to on their devices. This can make it difficult for dental practices to successfully communicate with their valued patients via digital means like email or SMS.

Millennials make up 40% of the Australian workforce and they spend a lot of time on their devices. With instant access to information through the internet, innovative apps that bring endless entertainment and most businesses marketing their products and services via emails, inboxes have become cluttered.

Here are 6 reasons why personalised direct mail is making a comeback and outperforming the returns of email and mobile marketing:

  • Targeted and personalised to a specific audience

A personalised touch means they are more likely to respond to your message.

  • The average lifespan of an email is now just 2 seconds

99% of Australians open their mail.  60% also read it thoroughly, and 54% store it for later reference.

  • People value something they can see and touch 24% more than something they can only see

Tangible mail is something unique in this digital era.

  • Builds patient-to-practice rapport

According to Royal Mail, UK, 86% of consumers who receive direct mail feel connected to the business.

  • Has great return on investment

The Direct Mail Association has found that on average, “direct mail advertising gives business a 13 to 1 return on investment”.

Creating and executing a direct mail campaign is easy and affordable

Direct mail is cost effective and can be automated with your Dental4Windows practice management software.

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D4W Marketing enables your practice to send high-quality personalised mail pieces to your patients that will get noticed.  Work alongside your own Campaign Manager to automate and plan for your communication pieces that can be sent to your patients throughout a 12 month period.

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