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Don’t Be Left Behind: 5 Major Reasons Why You Need to Make the Switch to Digital Dentistry Now

Published on : 2/10/2015

Radios, cameras and practically every household appliance recently made – seems like everything is going digital nowadays, and dental equipment is no exception. Digital dental camera systems, dental digital radiography systems and the like are replacing old analog systems.

Dental x-ray reflected in dental mirror on white background.
** Note: Shallow depth of field

The initial perceived high cost and disturbance to known routines may hinder the switch from analog to digital.

But times are changing fast, and without these digital systems, you may be losing more than you know. Here are several reasons why switching to digital imaging in dentistry is a move you should make now:

  1. It’s the more cost-effective choice. Don’t be fooled by initial purchase costs. Like any worthy investment, modern digital systems cost higher than its predecessors, but will more than make up for that cost in the long run. While the cost of analog film may be low, the cost of other materials such as developers and solutions plus the staggering cost of labour required to process film make it the more costly option in the long run.
  2. It’s the more time-effective choice. Another benefit to digital imaging in dentistry is that it takes up a lot less time than its analog counterpart. Processing film for dozens of patients can take hours a day.Digital systems are a lot more staff friendly. Modern systems allow for multiple simultaneous scanning and viewing of images within seconds, saving a significant amount of time and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.
  3. It’s friendlier to the environment. Unlike film, digital imaging requires no processing chemicals and printing on paper is rarely required. By opting for digital, you become an eco-friendly practice and that’s something your patients and staff will like and support.
  4. It helps you provide a better service which, let’s face it, is what we all want to provide. A better service means a better experience for the patient- a huge incentive to come back next time. Digital systems lessen patient exposure to radiation and its accompanying health risks; provide better imagery and consequently better diagnosis; and lessen and even eliminate patient waiting times. They enable you to provide the highest level of care and service, enhancing the public perception of your practice.
  5. It keeps you competitive. In a steadily modernising marketplace, dental digital radiography systems will ensure that you aren’t left behind by your competitors.

If you still haven’t made the switch to digital, now is the perfect time. The latest digital imaging systems available today can integrate seamlessly with current digital imaging software, such as media suite which in turn integrate with current dental practice management systems. By incorporating these solutions into your practice, you can reap the many benefits and stay at the forefront of your profession.

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