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Recall Appointments Best Practice

Published on : 27/5/2019

Do you know the correct way to handle recall vs. non-recall appointments within Dental4Windows?


Bob is due for a recall next month, but he is coming in for a filling next week. When the recall batch is run, Bob is excluded because you chose to exclude patients booked in the future.

Schedule Non-Recall Appointments

When scheduling non-recall appointments, ensure <none> is selected from the Recalls drop list.

Figure 1: Example of Non-Recall Appointment

Schedule Recall Appointments

Whether the recall appointment is for a standard reminder, perio, ortho, or any other type of recall you have setup, always select the relevant recall type from the Recall drop list.

Figure 2: Example of Manual Recall Appointment with Pre-Booked Status

By default, standard Manual Recalls are named Set 1 and Automated Recalls are named Standard Recalls. Your list may look different, depending if you’ve changed the default names.

Figure 3: Example of Manual Recall Setup

Create Manual Recall Batch

The following steps only apply to those using the manual recall system.

When generating a manual recall batch and excluding patients with upcoming appointments, ensure you tick Include patients who have appointments booked for another Recall set which will include non-recall appointments.

Automated Recall Batch Setup

The following steps only apply to those using the automated recall system. Do not change any other settings without consulting with Centaur Support as it will impact your current recall setup.

  1. Go to Location Management > Automation tab
  2. Select Recalls sub-tab
  3. Highlight the reminder – e.g. 1st Recall Reminder
  4. Place a tick in Include patients who have appointments booked for another Recall set

Additional Tips

Add a Pre-Booked Recall Status

    1. Go to the Appointment Book > Options menu
    2. Select Setup Status Types
      1. Click New
      2. Right click on Type and select relevant status
      3. Enter Description
      4.  Select Back Colour and Text Colour
      5.  Select if it should be retained if appointment is moved to standby list
      6. Click OK

Setup Automated Pre-Booked Recall Reminder

Login to the Learning Centre and watch the Automation: Setup Pre-Booked Reminder SMS video to learn how to setup automated reminders to patients with the pre-booked reminder status on their appointment. This helps reduce the impact of cancellations when sending confirmation messages 1-2 days prior.

Recall Effectiveness Reports

Two reports focused on recall effectiveness exist within Dental4Windows.

Go to Location Management > Reports tab > Recall Effectiveness or

Location Management > Reports tab > Recall Message Type Effectiveness   


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