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Dental Industry Market Analysis – Create the tools

Published on : 24/12/2019

Summary —

A new series of reports that provide unique insights into the market for dental products is under development and you have the opportunity to get involved, offering a great opportunity to understand the structure of the industry.

Key Issues For The Dental Industry —

The dental industry is facing opportunities and challenges from a marketplace that is increasingly complex. Being able to understand and monitor the key drivers of industry profitability is an important way to support effective decision making. To this end, the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) provides its members with valuable statistics on the market for dental products and services in Australia.

If you’re interested in developing the next-generation market statistics, this is the time to get involved as the ADIA-MSPC Market Statistics Projects Committee is seeking members.

One of the great benefits that you’ll derive by participating in the ADIA-MSPC Committee is that it will provide you with new insights into the market for dental products and how market analysis is prepared.  Projects that the ADIA-MSPC Committee has oversight of include:

Market analysis you’ll help develop —

■. Australian Dental Industry Intelligence Report
■. Dental Workforce Geospatial Analysis Tool
■. Australian Dental Products Business Conditions Survey
■. ADIA Bite Magazine Dental Practice Business Conditions Survey

New research is also under development by the ADIA-MSPC Committee including a quarterly review of the nation’s expenditure on dental care, an important piece of data that provides a meaningful benchmark to assess sales of dental consumable products.

At a personal level you’ll benefit immensely as a member of the ADIA-MSPC Committee as it’s an excellent professional development activity.

ADIA-MSPC Committee membership benefits  —

■. An opportunity to work with professionals who analyse markets
■. A greater understanding of the dental industry’s structure
■. A stronger network of peers across the dental industry
■. A platform to step-up and take other ADIA leadership positions

In terms of expertise all that’s required is that you have a working knowledge of current trends in the dental industry.  Without divulging any sensitive commercial data, you’ll be offering feedback on draft reports to validate their accuracy and, where possible, suggest ways to improve the methodology that underpins the report.

The time commitment isn’t great as meetings are held quarterly via teleconference with each meeting approximately one hour long.

If you’re interested in getting in and making a difference simply contact the ADIA Policy and Research Manager via email at or by telephone on 1300 943 094.

Further Information —

To keep up to date with the latest market statistics subscribe to the Twitter feed @AusDental or follow us on Facebook at Alternatively, you can contact the Association via email at or by telephone on 1300 943 094.

Currency Of Information & Disclaimer —

This update was issued on 14 June 2018 and please note that changes in circumstances after the publication of material or information may impact upon its accuracy and also change regulatory compliance obligations. The statements, regulatory and technical information contained herein are believed to be accurate and are provided for information purposes only. Readers are responsible for assessing its relevance and verifying the accuracy of the content. To the fullest extent permitted by law, ADIA will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred in relation to or arising as a result of relying on the information presented here.

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