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Why You Need a Dental Payment Plan in Your Practice

Published on : 17/11/2017
Dental payment

The cost of treatment can be a sticking point for dental patients. The phrase “How much did you say?” is probably one most dentists have heard at the end of a consultation!

While patients are generally reasonable, and after an explanation can understand the cost of the work involved, they still have to find a way to pay for it – leaving you with a potentially unfulfilled treatment plan.

One of the best ways to convert treatment plans is to make paying for them easier. The good news is that you don’t have to yank out your own incisor to do it – you can offer patients a dental payment plan.

A dental payment plan?

As a practice owner, you might have a view on these already.

“Oh no, some interest-laden finance setup that’ll make life difficult and end up turning more patients away.”

In the past this may have been the case, but not now.

The new National Dental Plan, powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay and in partnership with Centaur Software, makes treatment plans more accessible to your patients. With NDP your patients could start treatments immediately and spread the cost over easy to manage fortnightly payments, best of all, they never pay interest on the amount they owe.


What does it cost the patient?

No hidden costs, no hefty interest charges, just a 20% deposit, plus:

  • Once-off establishment fee of $70
  • Fortnightly payment processing fee of $2.95
  • Monthly account keeping of $3.50(The establishment fee and payment processing fees are spread over the term of the payment plan.)

For a patient to be eligible, they must meet the following conditions:

  • Be over 18 years of age, Australian citizen/permanent resident with driver’s licence
  • Employed fulltime/Self-employed (30+ hrs/wk) or Aged/Veteran Pensioner

The application is fast and takes around five minutes from start to finish, and patients can set up debits from a bank account or a credit card. This simple and upfront solution gives your patients up to $9,000 to spend on treatments and products with you.


How does it work for my practice?

National Dental Plan is fully integrated into Centaur’s Dental4Windows dental software, making it a seamless experience for your practice to acquire and use.

Payment goes to you upfront, and we take the responsibility of managing the patient repayments, including patient contact for missed payments or altering debit times.


Does my practice really need a dental payment plan?

In a society where financial pressures on the everyday person are growing, offering payment solutions to your patients eases stress, and is an excellent investment in the sustained growth of your business. That’s why we developed a solution that is both dentist- and patient-friendly.

National Dental Plan can help you get more treatment plans fulfilled, paid in full and on time, while potentially generating repeat and referral business from positive word of mouth. Now that you’ve fixed their teeth, your patients can spread that word with a smile!

For full details go to or call 1300 361 962

*National Dental Plan is powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd.  Credit provided by Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd.  Fees (including Establishment Fee, Monthly Account Keeping fees and Payment Processing fees) charges, terms, conditions and lending criteria apply.  Visit for details.

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