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Are Treatment Plans Important?

Published on : 16/4/2019

The treatment plan is pivotal in educating a patient in the treatment that they require for their good oral health. Therefore, a treatment plan is the first information to organise before presenting the treatment options to the patient.

  • Treatment plans are not only for high-value or complex treatment; create a plan for all planned treatment.
  • Monitor and follow-up incomplete treatment via the Incomplete Treatment Plan query to continually promote and support oral health of patients.
  • Effective treatment plans provide patients with important information such as
    • Required Treatment
    • Approximate Fees
    • Payment Options
    • Appointment Dates and Durations (when scheduled)
  • Presenting treatment to a patient is made easy when using a treatment plan and having complex treatment further supported by the Case Presentation feature.
  • Practice staff will find it simpler to schedule appointments of a well-outlined treatment plan, with the added ability to quickly decipher the Dentists’ plan and articulate it to the patient.

Can a payment plan be linked to a treatment plan?
One of the main reasons a patient will not complete or commence dental treatment is affordability, even when treatment is vital to their oral or general health. Therefore, providing your patient with a payment plan to help ease the financial pressure of the decision is suggested.

National Dental Plan (NDP) integrates with Dental4Windows (D4W), allowing a payment plan summary to show at the base of treatment plans.

Patients can sign up to NDP at any stage of their treatment, even to pay off an outstanding debt.

To enquire about NDP for your practice, fill in the form below.

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