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3 ways DentalBI can power your dental practice’s performance

Published on : 16/3/2022

Business Intelligence, or BI, has become a strategic touchstone across industries around the world. Among dental practices, however, the technology is still underused. This relative lack of adoption presents an opportunity for your practice: By adding data-driven insights to your decision-making process now, you can improve your operational excellence.

Generating data is a natural part of running a modern dental practice. BI harnesses this data to take your practice to the next level of efficiency and effectiveness.

3 ways BI enhances a dental practice

While the effects of BI use can be far-ranging and reach every area of your practice, both internal and patient-facing, many of the the advantages fall into three general categories. By learning about these benefits, you can envision how a BI platform will aid you in achieving your practice’s specific goals.

1: Get a deeper look into performance metrics

How is your practice performing quarter over quarter, or year over year? What are your clinicians’ strengths, and what do they need to work on? These are the kinds of questions that receive clear, actionable answers when you transform your practice data into actionable insights via a BI platform.

Not only will BI provide a more detailed look at your practice’s strengths and weaknesses, it will also reveal hidden insights and opportunities. Data-driven insights allow you to go beyond the obvious and find which aspects of your business need the most work.

2: Set clear goals and track your progress

Powering your goal-setting and decision-making processes with data is a good way to make more aspects of your performance quantifiable. You can set realistic yet competitive goals and then determine accurately whether you’re on track to achieve them.

Modern BI platforms can display data on easy-to-read visual dashboards. This ensures you can view and interpret the insights accurately, rather than becoming mired in confusing numbers.

3: Make informed, confident decisions

Analysis paralysis is a real danger for practices that have some data use capabilities but have not implemented optimal Business Intelligence processes. A well-designed BI platform will get around this issue by showing the metrics that really matter to you.

Making decisions powered by BI insights is a great way to become more confident and decisive about the direction of your practice. You can rest easy, knowing that the numbers support your chosen direction.

Why choose DentalBI as your go-to BI platform?

Adding Business Intelligence to your tool kit is only a good decision if your chosen platform can meet your needs. Since dental practices represent a unique business ecosystem, it pays to select a BI Suite designed specifically for the dental industry. That means DentalBI.

DentalBI’s features help you make decisions that will empower your practice. The solution’s capabilities include:

  • Integration with Dental4Windows and Dental4Web, so all your data is automatically available
  • More than 500 key performance indicators and 100 chart and table types to give detailed but tailored insights into your practice and your business strategies
  • Goal setting and management functionality that keeps your practice’s progress on track
  • Standardised and customised dashboards and leaderboards to suit your day-to-day needs

Ready to empower your practice with this simple but powerful BI platform? Learn more now.

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