xPlain Chairside

Increase Your Treatment Plan Acceptance

Equip your practice with the latest in Patient Chairside Education

As a module to your Dental4Windows package, xPlain is an interactive patient education program designed to improve the patient experience and the profitability of your practice.

xPlain Patient Education will improve communication between you and your patients, producing definitive benefits in treatment acceptance, treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. It allows your patients to make informed decisions about their oral health. It is a must for practices wanting to grow in today’s dental industry.

xPlain is the only Patient Education Solution offering true integration to Australia’s most popular Practice Management System, Dental4Windows. If you are not a Dental4Windows user, xPlain is available as a standalone application.

What will xPlain Patient Education do for you?

Improve Case Acceptance
Help your patient understand their condition and why treatment is necessary.

Overcome Language Barriers
Aid your explanation through easy, universal visual references.

Enhance Your Practice Image
Equip your surgery with leading edge technology

Educate and Motivate Your Patients
Spark interest in your services and provide prompt, clear information.

Increase Your Practice Efficiency
Minimise time explaining conditions and treatments.

Peace of Mind
Eliminate potential difficulties or misunderstanding in the effective delivery of treatment.

Produce Happy and Loyal Patients
Obtain better treatment outcomes with satisfied patients.

Over 220 High Definition Videos & Animations

xPlain Chairside covers over 220 conditions and procedures providing you with information to educate and help you communicate with your patients. These 3D animations are unthreatening, helping to reduce any fear or apprehension felt by your patient. They are concise, yet accurately detailed, with each animation lasting no more than a minute. You have complete control over the animations, with the ability to pause, skip, slow and annotate over, giving you the ability to tailor each animation to the needs of your individual patient.

Over 100 Information Leaflets

Information leaflets support the 3D animations, containing stills from the animations, helping your patient to remember the condition or treatment explained to them during their visit. xPlain Chairside allows you to edit the information leaflets and customised each with your practice logo and contact information. They can be exported to Microsoft Word, printed or emailed with the click of a button.

Over 750 Clinical Digital Images

The clinical digital images gallery within xPlain Chairside has no limit, with the ability to add your own images to any category. It offers side-by-side viewing capability as well as the ability to create a customised slideshow. You can then annotate over an image, with the option to then save or print the edited file.

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