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Windows 10 Scam Alert

Published on : 5/8/2015

We would also like to inform you that scammers are taking advantage of the release of Windows 10  by sending fake emails that appear to be from Microsoft, advising the recipient to download the attachment (a zip file) which they state contains the Windows 10 Installer file. The email uses the new colour scheme of Windows 10 to make it appear more legitimate.

This file is actually a piece of ransomware called CTB-Locker which will encrypt the users files and demands payment within 96 hours. Failure to pay, or any attempt of removal of the ransomware, and the blackmailers threaten to destroy the decryption key and leave the files permanently encrypted.

Customers should be aware that Microsoft is not distributing Windows 10 through emails or attachments. Instead, Microsoft is providing the update via its Windows Update feature to those customers who have opted-in to receive the upgrade. Anyone who receives such an email should delete it immediately.

As always the following best practices should be used by everyone:

  • Do not download or open files from an email unless you know the sender and are expecting the file.
  • If you do download an attachment, perform a Virus Scan on that file. Some Anti Virus software will automatically scan downloaded files.
  • Always backup your data, especially your critical files, on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to call Centaur Support on 1300 855 312 (AU) / +61 2 9213 5000 or email

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