xPlain TV

Enhance Your Practice Customer Experience

xPlain TV enhances the customer experience and can be customised according to the needs of your patients.

xPlain TV provides over 250 animated messages covering all aspects of dentistry. It is specifically designed to subconsciously promote good oral health practices, treatment and products. Plus, you have complete control over the mix of content!

•   Introduce your team
•   Provide opening hours
•   Advertise friends and local trades
•   Present your practice mission statement
•   Provide your website details
•   Promote your special services
•   Remind about events and anniversaries
•   Inform on admin procedures


•   Reduce your patients’ perceived waiting time
•   Motivate your patients to ask about additional treatment and services that you provide
•   Educate patients on payment methods, opening hours and emergency procedures all communicated in a consistent and professional manner
•   Educate and entertain your patients about the fundamentals of oral hygiene
•   Create sundry sales by promoting the products that you provide and explaining how they will benefit your patient

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