Mediasuite 3D

The new Mediasuite 3D is integrated with Mediasuite 2D

Mediasuite 3D

View and manipulate three dimensional CT or Cone Beam CT X-Ray dental images in order to improve diagnosis
and planning of the clinical procedures.

Now you can store and view 3D images with new Mediasuite 3D

Import the 3D DICOM CT or CB CT X-Ray data supplied online or by CD by radiology practices and store it in the D4W patient file for analysis and manipulations

No more having to be an expert in multiple types of readers

Saves time by storing all your 3D patient data in the Dental4Windows file

Saves time as only one piece of software is used for all imaging needs

Easy access to all your 3D and 2D data and linked to your patient files in D4W


  • Keeps all imaging data in D4W patient file
  • Imports 3D DICOM data from any media type such as CD, DVD, Flash drive etc.
  • Stores 3D DICOM image data on the network next to the Mediasuite images
  • View in 3 planes – Coronal, Axial and Saggittal as well as the volume rendering view in a separate frame
  • Provides gradual slicing individually through each plane by the use of sliders attached to a frame
  • Seven layouts for the planes and volume rendering frame
  • Screenshots are automatically saved in the patient file
  • Allows for measurement of distances and angles
  • Four types of annotations: Ruler, Angle Measurements, Region of Interest and Fiducial (fixed points used for comparison and measurements)
  • High quality of volume rendering with GPU
  • Volume rendering possible on PC without GPU
  • Region of Interest crop on the Volume frame

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