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Dental Practice Reports with Practice Analytics

Published on : 20/4/2020

A recent survey established the majority of dental practices do not properly assess their performance results and understand areas for improvement. While, understandably, 3 in 4 dentists want to improve their practice operations and their performance.

That’s why we’ve developed Practice Analytics which is integrated with Dental4Windows. It provides an up to date graphical interpretation of the Business Analysis related to different aspects of your dental practice from the data stored within D4W. There are tabular and graphical reports updated daily, providing general and itemised data on many of the dental activities within your practice. This data corresponds to results found in the Business Intelligence Module (BIM) of D4W.

This information is in easy to read graphs that can be compared, contrasted, sliced and diced in a variety of ways. You can also drill down on the information and change the date sequence easily. It will allow you to compare provider KPIs and also look at overall practice performance. You can overlay multiple provider and practice information to compare. It’s fully integrated into Dental4Windows allowing you to access these key indices of your dental business.

A range of dashboards to control your practice

We’ve developed a range of Dashboards that are summary views of data for specific areas with basic quick filter controls. They allow you to review all the major parts of your practice(s) and analyse the data.

The main sets of dashboards available are:

  • Summary
  • New Patients
  • Appointment Cancellations
  • Invoiced Production
  • Treatment Plans

Practice Analytics Summary Dashboard

To find a solution you first have to know the problem
With Practice Analytics, you can easily compare providers based on various criteria. For instance, Practice Analytics allows you to look at your providers and compare the dollar amount earned by Top Providers who performed the treatment on 1 of the 10 Top Invoiced Patients (Top 10 $ spending by patients amounts). There are many variants you can use depending on what you are looking for.

It’s all in the detail
Drilling down is important to find the nitty gritty and many times, it’s in the detail where the solution can be identified. In Practice Analytics, that’s easily done. Fill in the Drill Down checkbox so you get the option of viewing detailed data. You can drag any column header to group by that column, remove, sort or group any field.

Practice Analytics KPI Items by Providers Summary Chart

Customise to suit your own needs

We have a range of filters to allow you to customise the data for your own requirements.

The common selection filters are:

  • Period default (period of available information)
  • From earliest available information date
  • To current date
  • Location default – All
  • Provider Default – All

The big picture
It’s important when looking at data that you can see all the information in one look. Practice Analytics allows you to see multi-information in one graph. You can compare providers’ appointment cancellations on the same graph or see the number of new patients for selected providers in one location, monthly in the same graph.

Easy to use and updated daily
Practice Analytics is only useful if it’s used regularly and is easily accessible. Practice Analytics is integrated into Dental4Windows and is easily accessible from an icon within D4W. The information is updated daily so you’re not relying on stale information. It’s up to date and can give you all the facts to make those important decisions that keep your practice profitable and productive. There is also a cloud version if access from a distance is important to you.

Want to find out more?

Join Natalie Payne on 19 + 21 May for the Practice Analytics Webinar. This webinar will demonstrate how to utilise your Practice Analytics to view your Dental4Windows reports in tabular and graphical reports, as well as estimate future production based on What If analysis and drill down on key performance data.

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