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Digital Software and Hardware for All-in-one Imaging Solutions

With ever increasing competition, today's dental practices must either move forward with new technology or risk being left behind. Dental digital x-ray systems are the ultimate modern solution for efficient, cost-effective and quality imaging. Benefits include a rapid, chemical-free process and a typical reduction in dosage of 70-90%. Centaur Software can give your practice the essential support required to make the change to dental digital imaging software and hardware, providing digital sensors, dental intraoral cameras and software, OPG and phosphor plate systems. Our products integrate seamlessly with Mediasuitesql, our dental imaging software module for Dental4Windows i3. In fact, Mediasuite comes standard with most of our hardware products, making it easy to find the ideal dental digital imaging software and hardware for your practice.

Dental Imaging Software Provides Powerful Imagery for Increased Accuracy

Mediasuite manages all your dental imaging systems using intuitive imaging and dental cam software, directly integrated into your practice management system. Mediasuite manages digital x-rays, videos, still images, OPG images and scans with remarkable 16 bit image processing. The x-ray and dental cam software features a clean, clear and powerful image manipulation toolset assisting with more accurate condition/patient diagnoses and far better patient communication. Users can define image processing settings for new devices, customise image enhancement filters for each individual provider and import and export all standard image formats including the DICOM standard.

  Mediasuite Cloud
Mediasuite Cloud
  Mediasuite Digital Imaging Software
Mediasuite Digital Imaging Software
Mediacam Plus Intraoral Camera
Mediascan Digital X-Ray Scanner
  MediarayPLUS Digital X-ray Sensor
MediarayPLUS Digital X-Ray Sensor

User-friendly Dental Intraoral Camera Software and Hardware

Centaur Software has sourced dental digital x-ray systems and dental camera systems from across the globe that provide the latest technology and reliability. We pride ourselves on providing quality products that won't break the bank. Our range includes the MediarayPLUS Digital X-Ray Sensor, Mediacam Intraoral Camera and Mediascan Phosphor Plate Digital X-Ray Scanner, all of which integrate with Mediasuite.

To find the ultimate dental digital x-ray software, dental imaging systems and dental camera systems for your practice, shop here online or contact us to arrange a demo.


Introducing Mediasuite Cloud.

Now you can gain all the benefits of having Mediasuite Digital Imaging Software online integrated with Dental4Windows Cloud. To lean more visit the Mediasuite Cloud product page.

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