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Our eServices Manager explains our integrated D4W eAppointments solution.

If you haven't got an online booking system, you're losing patients. 

Everyone, whatever their age, uses the web. We’re booking flights, holidays, restaurants and banking on our smart phones, tablets or computers. People expect that convenience and Dental4Windows Dental Management System is bringing it to your practice so your patients view you as up to date and convenient to their needs. Online booking for dentists is becoming increasingly common and if you don't have it in place, there is a good chance your local competitor is using it to attract new patients (some of them, most probably yours). It's also important for existing patients as you can be more certain that if they respond online to a recall or marketing campaign, they will actually book in with eAppointments. Its a much more efficient system than relying on patients to book over the phone. 

 Now you can embed eAppointments in your website with a standard iframe or we can tailor an iframe to suit your website. This is an example of a live iframe of eAppointments. Demo it below now. Scroll down to see live appointments.

eAppointments iframe


Portal Button

You can also place a hyperlink button on your website which links to your eAppointments page. Click on the button to view Centaur Test Practice's live eAppointment booking page.


Our eAppointments works seamlessly with Dental4Windows so there's no disruption to your normal work flow and no double ups (unlike some other online booking systems).

Unlike other online booking systems, eAppointments has been designed to work in a busy dental practice and in conjunction with your practice work flows. It is fully integrated with Dental4Windows Dental Practice Management Software so it is a seamless transition from booking online to the appointment book, and it is easy for you to manage. eAppointments has many features not found in other online booking systems.

eAppointment practice friendly features include: 

  • New option for eAppointment reason and provider to be mandatory - you can decide if the patient must select an appointment reason,a provider or both, when booking an appointment.  
  • Different durations for different types of appointments, so you can simultaneously offer varied appointment times.
  • Integration with pre-set slots and free time so you can manage your appointment book easily with varied off and online bookings.
  • A timer for patient bookings. There is now a set time to complete the booking and then appointment becomes available again.
  • The ability to manage logos in multi-practice sites.
  • An online practice management feature that gives you the capability in your own eServices practice portal to manage some of the features of eAppointments and eForms and future eServices modules.

We've also updated the look and usability features for an enhanced customer experience. These include integration with Google maps including closest location, enhanced appointment searching and new easy to use customer interface.

Now you have the ability to embed your eAppointments with iframes Integrate eAppointments into your own website so there is no need for your patients to leave your website and it can be modified to suit your own branding.

With eAppointments your patients and potential new patients can now book online 24/7 bringing your practice in line with other businesses’ and giving you a head start on your competition.

This will also free up your practice staff and add to the positive customer experience of your practice by your patients. Now you can link your recalls to online bookings and also obtain direct conversions to appointments from your website and online paid advertising. eAppointments is one of the initial eServices and we are evolving a range of online services to enable you to transform your practice and remain relevant to your customers. We also have eforms, online electronic forms, to allow you to easily update patient information.


One fixed monthly fee. No ongoing success fees.

 We value you as a Dental4Windows customer so we don't charge you a success fee every time a customer books an online appointment as per other online booking systems, just one set fee ,no matter how many new or existing customers book online through your eAppointments. This gives you certainty as to the costs. The only condition is for a minimum 6 month period. We think that's reasonable.

 Increase patient retention and attract new patients

eAppointments is a great way to add value to your existing relationship with your patients and also attract new patients. It allows you to be open for bookings 24/7 and provide convenience to your patients. This gives you a competitive advantage in a market place that is becoming increasingly competitive. For those practices already on the web attracting new patients, it makes that strategy even stronger.



What will eAppointments do for your practice?

  • Increase recalls
  • Free up front desk
  • Less time on phone
  • Reduce no shows
  • Fill unfilled gaps
  • Attract new patients
  • Improve patient satisfaction & retention  

Watch the  Webinar on Recalls & Reminders with eAppointments

Tips on how to get the most out of eAppointments

For current patients 

  • Market eAppointments in your practice
    • Use the “patient” eAppointments video on your television. Download at link below. (if you have xPlain TV you can integrate it into this.To use in xPlain TV convert downloaded MP4 file to AVI.)
    • Publicise eAppointments with posters (as seen) and brochure in your practice
    • When patients come into the practice register them into eAppoinments so they’re introduced to it (maybe have a tablet to do this)
    • Get the front desk staff to talk about eAppointments to patients in person and on the phone.
  • Market eAppointments outside of your practice
    • Place the link prominently on your website (more than once)
    • You can use it multiple (unlimited) times so it can be on your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
    • If you’re using SMS for recall within Dental4windows Practice Management Software then you just have to embed your own eAppointments URL into the SMS message and your patients can then book online 24/7.
    • Also you can embed the Appointments link into email recalls
    • Email your customers to make them aware of eAppointments or put an article in your newsletter.
    • To successfully market you’ll need to inform your patients of eAppointments a number of times, not just once.  

Attracting new patients to your practice

  • eAppointments is a great tool to enhance your new patient marketing as it allows your new patients to book an appointment immediately in response to your marketing whether online, press or mail.
  • It allows you to quantify your advertising as you can track the new patients who have booked online.
  • It makes your website a much stronger tool to attract new patients.
  • If you’re using Google AdWords then eAppointments can be directly linked to your campaign to allow potential patients to book immediately into an appointment which should improve its effectiveness and also allow you to measure the return on investment more accurately.  
  • New customers may also be more comfortable booking an appointment online rather than on the phone (and they’ll get an immediate response).
  • New customers are short of time and eAppointments lets them book 24/7 when and where it suits them – that’s attractive for new customers. 


Click here to download this video to promote eAppointments to your patients

To use in xPlain TV convert downloaded MP4 file to AVI.

eAppointments easy as 1, 2, 3 and you're open 24/7 

  1. Sign up. There’s just a set up fee and a monthly per book fee.
  2. eAppointments will be turned on remotely and you will provided with your own URL to your online booking page, linked to your Dental4windows Dental Practice Software  appointments book. 
  3. Place the URL link on your website or send in your recall batch and your patients can now book online 24/7. 

To switch on eAppointments*, call 1300 855 966

Fill out the Free Consultation Form on the top left to arrange a free online demo.  

The SMS and email module will be provided complimentary on purchase of the eApppointments module. Your first 200 SMS messages will be free. The cost is 25c plus GST per message after that. 

To ensure that eAppointments functions correctly, it is a requirement that your Dental4Windows Software is updated to the latest build.


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Centaur Software Development Co. have invested significant resources in the systems, facilities and personnel required to provide an outstanding service to all customers. The success of the company is due largely to the invaluable feedback from customers combined with the teams continuing commitment to provide the highest quality products and services.

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