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  • Dental4Windows Prosthetist Edition

Dental4Windows Prosthetist Edition


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Product Features:

   D4W Cloud edition available


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Patient Details

Records all personal information including family relationships, patient referrals, health fund information, auto alerts on medical conditions, allergies and much more. Dental4windows also lets you store a picture of your patients to their files which helps you put a face to the name.  

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       Patient Details

Invoicing & Receipting

Patient and family accounts are all available at a glance making you work more efficiently. Invoicing and receipting windows are designed so you can freely and easily record and display various patient and family accounting information. A versatile and flexible payments window allows you to enter payments from an individual patient or family account, a third party or a bulk payment for multiple patients from an Insurance Company. Batch invoices are also easily created and tracked from one screen.


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          Invoice and receipting

Treatment File

Provides an instant link between treatment items and clinical notes, using colour coding for tracking invoice payment statuses. Offering flexibility in the printing of invoices or statements for your patients, you will have complete control over the billing process. 

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       Treatment File

Letter Manager/Word Processor/Templates

Merge patient information with documents to create professional letters, postcards, and labels. Includes fully functional word processing capability, spell check and image handling to make generating your practice correspondance faster and more efficient. If MS Word is installed, a direct link can be installed to use as the default word processor. Easily create your own letters and templates or choose from over 30 templates supplied, which can also be edited. There are welcome letters, congratulatory letters, thank you letters, a variety of recall letters and many more. 

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       Letter Manager

Email Messaging

Using Email Messaging will provide your with a quick , efficient and cost effective way of communicating with your patients. Recalls, confirmations and appointment reminders, notifications to patients if the doctor is running late, are some of the useful services you can provide. It is also a powerful tool to reduce no shows and last minute cancellations that often plague many dental practices. Best of all, it only takes a few clicks to create an email using a letter template with patient details automatically inserted and ready to send. 

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       Email Messaging

Reporting System

Dental4Windowssql  helps you stay in control of your practice by offering you a range of customisable reports that deliver up to dat information on all aspects of your business. Details on invoices and payments over a period, patient lists, birthday lists, patient referral sources, data on treatment done, new patients, total new payments and many more are available. 

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Appointment Book 

Dental4Windowssql allows you to be in control of your Appointment Book. Operating like a real diary, it helps you create that perfect day by using pre-blocked procedures to maximise production time from your daily chair time. The convenient toolbars and the exclusive drop down calendar helps you navigate through the Appointment Book, search for open times, organise appointments/notes and handle all the common tasks you need. You can schedule appointments, pre-book appointment time for special work during the week (e.g. crown and bridge work, new patients, etc.), set the status - all with the click of a button. It handles both Linear and Overlapping Scheduling systems which optimises time and patient satisfaction. It allows you to see the year at a glance, giving you a view of your Appointment Book over the next 12 months - great for scheduling holidays or staff rosters.

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       Appointment Book

2D & 3D Clinical Charting

Provides the ability to chart in both 2D and 3D, produce your Treatment Plans generating estimates of costs. These can then be converted to treatment details to be included into a patient's invoice. Also, use the Charting Screen as an effectice communication tool to demonstrate treatment needs and options, improving case acceptance. All teeth images are generally anatomically correct, also showing root structure. If the Mediasuitesql Module is used to manage x-rays and images, each patient's images will appear in the Charting screen as thumnails. Images can be called up by double clicking on the image in the Charting screen. 

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SMS Messaging

Using SMS Messaging will provide your with a quick , efficient and cost effective way of communicating with your patients. Recalls, confirmations and appointment reminders, notifications to patients if the doctor is running late, are some of the useful services you can provide. It is also a powerful tool to reduce no shows and last minute cancellations that often plague many dental practices. Best of all, it only takes a few clicks to send an SMS using a template with patient details automatically inserted, regardless of how many patients it is sent to - 1 or 500. SMS replies from patients are then received directly into Dental4Windowssql, automatically updating the Appointment Book. 

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Document Manager

The Document Manager offers the ability to manage documents electronically from the one screen within Dental4Windowssql. Any electronic files including thumbnail images can be managed from within Document Manager using a directory tree style interface, similar to that of Windows Explore, making adopting the system almost second nature. 

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       Document Manager

System Upgrades via Internet

Dental4Windowssql can now be upgraded via the Internet, avoiding the inconvenience of CD based upgrades.

Simply click 'Check for Updates' in the Help drop-down menu and let the system take care of the rest.

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Treatment Plan

Dental4Windowssql has a unique Treatment Plan module allowing you to generate plans in an easy to read format automatically from Charting. The link from Charting to Treatment Plan also allows fo easy recording of materials, conditions, notes and pathologies. The Treatment Plan is also directly linked to the Appointment Book, where all planned visits, to-do items and duration times are used to make an appointment. A feature designed to improve efficiency and time management in your practice. 

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        Treatment Plan

Practice Marketing & Recalls

Practice Marketing through Dental4Windowssql enables you to generate flexible and effective practice recall letters, email, SMS messages, labels and phone lists for any period based on the patient details. The system automatically calculates and sets recall dates, as well as tracks and reports failed recalls. 

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        Marketing and Recalls

HICAPS/Medicare Link

Once our technicians have configured your system to communicate witht the HICAPS terminal, the link allows you to manage the connection between HICAPS and HEalth Funds using EFTPOS technology. Sending your insurance claims electronically means you will be paid faster for your services, increasing your practice's cash flow and reducing the effort of staff in account collection. 

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        HICAPS Link


This  module takes care of laboratory job ordering and tracking. It records all details of the labs you associate with and outlines what type of dental technical work they specialise in. You can also create categories of services provided by these labs for e.g. some labs may be acrylic labs, others pure crown and bridge work and so on. Each lab job can have numerous stage names, which you can easily define.

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