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D4W Cloud gives you the freedom of having your practice management software online without having to sacrifice the comprehensive features of Dental4Windows that has made it the favourite choice of Australian dentists.

"Patients can now move between our clinics and have their records / x-rays / images seamlessly stored in the one database. It is also now easier for me to run management reports to see how all the clinics are going. For my managers, if there is ever any issue with a particular patient, they can look up the patient file in any clinic they are working in. A much improved outcome!"

Dr David Lin BDSc, Principal Dental Surgeon, of ABC Dental and D4W Cloud customer. Dr Lin has four surgeries located in Sydney.

How is D4W Cloud different from the classic Dental4Windows?

Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. That means that we, Centaur Software, deliver D4W Cloud to you over the internet and we provide and manage the entire IT backup and storage so you don’t have to. Support and free upgrades are provided as part of the fixed monthly fee. There’s no upfront payment, apart from set up and training, and no separate Support & Maintenance payments. We are also offering D4W Subscription for those who prefer the software in practice as opposed to in the Cloud, but don’t want to buy Dental4Windows outright. No other dental practice management solution gives you those choices.

So what are the benefits of online/cloud dental practice management software for single and multi-site dental practices?

Freedom to access your dental software solution, whenever and wherever you are.

Now with D4W Cloud you have the freedom to log in with your own password wherever - at home, work or at a conference at any time of the day or night. When it suits you. That means you can access what’s important without necessarily being in the practice. That gives you freedom and also allows you to be in control of your business even if you’re not in the practice. And if you’re running more than one practice, that’s indispensable. It even runs on a Mac!

If you are a multi-location practice you can store your data on a single, universal database (with the option of separate databases if you prefer).

If you have more than one practice then you may want to have a single data base for all of your practices to centralise business operations. If that’s how you want to manage them then that is now available. Alternatively, you could have them in the Cloud and manage them separately if that suits your reporting processes better.

No more time consuming data backup. Automatic data backup at secure servers located in Australia in real time.

With our new D4W Cloud now you don’t have to worry about cumbersome manual backups because they’re automatically applied in the Cloud. We do all the heavy lifting for you so your load is light. As stated, the servers are based in Australia and we’ve installed safeguards and procedures to make sure the security of your data is maintained. Secure as a bank – it actually is, with the authenticated and encrypted communication protocol already widely used on the internet, particularly in banking and payment systems.

Reduced IT costs

No more complicated IT networking required. As long as you have a good internet provider, with Cloud it’s taken care of over the internet and should be a fraction of the cost.

Free updates and new features

All new upgrades, including new standard features, are provided free of charge and automatically. That includes new compliance standards added to D4W Cloud which means you are always up to date. Regular updates and new features will be added automatically, including the latest appointment and recall automation features. There’s no downtime and no disruption to the business.

One fixed monthly fee

One of the great benefits to many businesses of Cloud products is that they run on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. What is that? That means that rather than an initial large cost (capital cost) to own the product you pay a fixed monthly fee (operating cost) to obtain the right to use the solution. With D4W Cloud the only upfront cost will be set up and training. There will be one monthly fixed fee and the option to add on extra modules for an additional fee.

Integrated Imaging

D4W Cloud comes packaged with Mediasuite so your imaging software requirements are taken care of at  no extra cost. To view all the features of Mediasuite Digital Imaging Software, view its product page.  Also, there are extra modules, such as Sterilisation, Stock Control, eAppointments and xPlain Patient Education available for an extra monthly fee

All you’ve come to expect from classic Dental4Windows

The great thing about D4W Cloud is it doesn’t sacrifice the abundance of features in classic Dental4Windows, which means if you know Denta4Windows then you’ll know D4W Cloud. And you can obtain all the new integrated eServices, including our integrated online patient booking engine, eAppointments and our new integrated electronic patient forms, eForms all for one fixed monthly fee.

New Cloud releases

We will also be releasing Mediasuite as a stand alone cloud version and Practice Studio Cloud is also to be released. eAppointments is delivered online and soon to be released is eForms, our electronic patient forms, integrated with D4W, which is available online.

We understand Cloud isn’t for everyone.

We understand dentists and practices are unique and there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. That’s why we now have a range of methods as to how Dental4Windows can be delivered in your practice(s). If you’d rather buy Dental4Windows outright, that’s still available, but now you have the option to gain the benefits of Dental4Windows for a fixed monthly fee. Also, if Cloud isn’t an option for you, you still can, with D4W Subscription, pay a fixed monthly fee and have Dental4Windows set up in your practice. It’s all about making Australia’s favourite dental practice management solution accessible to as many practices as possible.



Appointment Book 

Dental4Windows allows you to be in control of your Appointment Book

  • Operates like a standard diary - powerful, yet easy to use
  • Quick changeover from single day view of all books to a view of a number of days for one book
  • Convenient toolbars with drop down calendar
  • On screen display of patient appointment status e.g. confirmation, lab work needed, FTA
  • Selectable search functions for available appointment slots
  • Pre-block different treatments to maximise production income
  • Fully integrated SMS confirmations with auto update of patient replies
  • Move directly from patient appointment to any patient function e.g. charting, treatment plan


appt book

Patient Details

Records all personal information including:

  • Comprehensive patient demographics
  • Family relationships 
  • Patient referrals
  • Health fund information, fee level and personal information 
  • Auto alerts for any vital patient detail e.g. medical, personal item, frequent FTA
  • Patient photo insertion
  Patient Details

2D Clinical Charting

  • Comprehensive clinical charting with customisable charting operations
  • Auto generation of treatment plans from treatment plan and charting
  • Integrated patient x-rays and photos next to dental charts when using Mediasuite Digital Imaging Software

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Treatment File

  • All treatment items recorded with extensive clinical notes
  • Clinical note taking streamlined with the exclusive fast notes facility of point and click
  • Additional pre-definened treatment note tables covering endodontic, implant and orthodontic clinical recording
  • Searchable features by treatment items, chronological dates, provider, fees charged etc.
  treatment file

Treatment Plan

  • Generate plans in a simple format automatically from charting
  • Create treatment phases and visits with patient printout of the complete plan or selective visits
  • Schedule treatment plan appointments with auto update of appointments into the treatment plan
  • Create and manage multiple treatment plans



Periodontal Charting

  • Comprehensive graphical charting tool to save you time and resources
  • Efficiently record mobility, furcation grades, pocket depths, bleeding and suppuration points, gingival margins and attached gingival
  • Create an efficient workflow - freeing you up to concentrate on your most important asset, your patient

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Invoicing & Receipting

  • Powerful patient invoicing and payment facilities 
  • Fully integrated HICAPS, EFTPOS and credit card processing 
  • Medicare teen dental scheme processing 
  • Handling of individual and family members accounts
  • Third party accounts and payments processing 
  • On screen display of all amounts owing by patient
  invoice and receipt

HICAPS/Medicare Link

  • Once configured to communicate with the HICAPS terminal, the link allows you to manage the connection between HICAPS and Health Funds using EFTPOS technology
  • Send your insurance claims electronically to ensure efficient payment for your services
  • Increases your practice’s cash flow and reduces the effort required of staff in account collection

Letter Manager/Word Processor/Templates

  • Merge patient information with documents to create professional letters, postcards, and labels
  • Includes fully functional word processing capability, spell check and image handling
  • Easily write/create your own letters and/or create your own letter templates
  • Over 30 templates available that can be edited or used as-is
  • Templates include recall letters, welcome letters, congratulatory letters, thank you letters 

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 letter manager

Document Manager

  • Click and scan patient documents into patient files
  • Email attachments, photos and scanned OPG records accommodated
  • All documents, photos and other records appear next to dental chart as well as dedicated Document Manager tab
  • Allows for document storage in a folder/file system


doc manager

SMS & Email Messaging

  • SMS Messaging or Email Messaging will provide you with a quick, efficient and cost effective way to communicate with your patients
  • Services provided can include recalls, appointment confirmations and reminders and/or notifications to patients (dentist running late)
  • Reduces no shows and last minute cancellations
  • Minimal clicks to send an SMS or Email
  • Easy use template with patient details automatically inserted 
  • SMS replies from patients are now received directly into Appointment Book updating the Status
  • eAppointments provides seamless integration of SMS and Email Messaging to Online Appointments

sms email messaging

Reporting System

  • A wide range of reports are available for management and control of the practice
  • Reports generated by multiple choices e.g. accounting period, date range, individual provider or total practice
  • All reports can be generated in a number of formats e.g. Excel for spreadsheet analysis

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Practice Marketing & Recalls

  • Records how patient was sourced and/or referred
  • Reports on new patient numbers per period and value of treatment provided over a period by source
  • Handles multiple recalls per patient – hygiene check-up, specified recall based on treatment provided e.g. tooth whitening, denture work
  • Recalls can be communicated to patients via personalised letters or label for cards, emails, SMS messages, phone lists
  • The system automatically calculates and sets recall dates, and tracks and reports failed recalls
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  • An electronic messaging system that allows non-verbal communication between the front desk and dental chair
  • Reduces the need to talk in front of patients
  • Ensures a seamless transition for your patient from the front desk to the dental chair and back to the front desk

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Centaur Software Development Co. have invested significant resources in the systems, facilities and personnel required to provide an outstanding service to all customers. The success of the company is due largely to the invaluable feedback from customers combined with the teams continuing commitment to provide the highest quality products and services.

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